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Nihao! And welcome to the Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts, or SSoAGMA. This is a great place to establish your teaching abilities in Anything-Goes Martial Arts! If you would like to join, e-mail me with your name (or alias, doesn't matter), and the "art" you want to "teach". For some ideas, please visit the members page. Please try to come up with an original name! There is only one rule for joining this faction. This isn't a club or shrine, so there are no titles like "Protector of So-and-So", etc. Get it? Good! Join! Be a proud member of the SSoAGMA. And remember, the more creative and more unique your "art" is, the better! If you want ideas or help with a name for your art, please checkout the List of Members to help generate some ideas. But please, don't copy other people's names. Arigatou gozaimasu!

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****NEW: 06-02-02****

Wow. Hello, LONG time no see. So sorry that it has been so long before an update. And I'm EXTREMELY sorry to those who have tried to join within the past year or so. I will finally have breathing space this summer, so I can add new members again. Just put "I want to join SSoAGMA" in the title of your e-mail so I won't delete it. If you are a current member and would like to change your info (incl. e-mail or new art) please e-mail me. I also apologize for all the "x"-ed pictures on this home page (if they are visible to you.. might just be my server). Thanks for your patience!


****NEW: 12-02-00****

College life really keeps you busy. It's hard to find time to update your webpages. I am extremely sorry to everyone who has mailed me in the past few months. I haven't forgotten about you!! This page still accepts members, but it may take a while to get you on the members page. Again, I'm really sorry! ^_^;;; Also, remember, when thinking about becoming a member, the more creative your "art style," the better!


****NEW: 06-22-00****

Gah! ^_^;;... Gee.. been a while, huh? I apologize to the people who have e-mailed me in the past wanting to become members. Gomen nasai! *bows* If you're still checking this page out every so often, please, go ahead and re-email me. The SSoAGMA is accepting new members again!!


****NEW: 12-26-98****

Yay! I won my first award! And a fitting one at that! Check it out at the bottom of my page!


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