Ah yes. This faction actually has a history behind its creation.

The Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts faction is based on a project I did for my Marketing class this past school year. For our project, everyone in the class had to pick a company to advertise. I didn't want to advertise anything, well, normal, and being the big Ranma fan that I am, I wanted to advertise something that had to do with the Ranmaverse. So I asked my teacher for permission to advertise something from my "cartoons" (how else could I explain it to a teacher?). I was allowed to, and thus the SSoAGMA was born! I don't think I need to explain where I came up with the name.

Each of the pictures that are at the top of the page showing what the page is about is a rendered form of part of my project. I will put the original versions up, since they are just so cool, original, and creative. Of course, I made them myself ^_^.

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