1). Akane - Founder of the SSoAGMA and Official Bearer of the Hot Tea Kettle for the Jusenkyo Cursed (OBofHTKftJK)

2). Frank - Sensei of Kasumi Philosophy/Combat 101

3). Derian Saotome - Master of Tatsumaki Style of Anything-Goes Martial Arts

4). SRanmaJ - Master of Anything-Goes Cabbit-Wielding

5). Drakli - Miscellaneous Arsenal and Random Objects Caretaker (MAaROC)

6). Sam - Painter of the Painter's Signs

7). Justicar - Master of Dojo Floor Maintenance

8). Sir Crystal_lord - Director of Fancy Dramatic Backgrounds and Effects

9). Cyanne Zoneseek - Master of Anything-Goes School of Nerima Repair Martial Arts (MoAGSoNRMA)

10). Deedo Hibiki - Keeper of the Mallet of Righteous Anger

11). Tom - Master of the Art of Tendo Financial Deception

12). Scott - Sensei of the Use of the I Love You Sign

13). Skeezy - Master of the Art of Bad Timing and Embarrasing Moments

14). Jer Hibiki - Master of the Force Responsible for Making Charaters Get Lost

15). Rey-Rey - Master of the Crouch of the Wild Tiger

16). Gataka - Master of the Saotome Secret Technique

17). hiroshin-ken - Founder and Grill-Master of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts Barbecueing

18). Xian Pu - Sensei of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Ramen Cooking

19). Kun-chan - Mistress of Martial Arts Bathing and all that Occurs in the Tendou Bathroom

20). Kitiara Hashiba - Master of Anything-Goes Bandanna and Spatula Projectile Martial Arts

21). Sean Foster - Teacher of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Ping-Pong

22). Nate - Master of Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts of Speed, Grace, and Accuracy

23). TheGaijin - Founder of the Everything-Must-Go Martial Arts Furniture Liquidation Sale School

24). Petes-kun - Master of Anything Goes Jusenkyo Curse Martial Arts

25). Kimmee - Founder of the Flying Bludgeons from Malletspace Attack

26). Masta Lu - Grandmaster of the School of Anything-Goes Learning How To Fly Through The Air Properly After Getting Beaten Up

27). Koi-san - Sensei of the Art of Healing Boo-boos

28). Turbo-Kat - Bedmaster of Martial Arts Sleeping

29). Becky-chan - Master of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Color Guard and Master of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Towel-Snapping

30). Kai-chan - Teaches the Anything Goes Martial Art of Deadly Everyday Object Weaponry Technique, Dragon Warrior Style

31). Benzaiten - Master of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Dog Grooming

32). Hashi-chan - Mistress of the Hiryu Shoten Ha Anything-Goes Finishing Technique

33). Kohana - Mistress of the Anything Goes Martial Art of Poetry

34). Chris Johnson - Master of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Facefaulting

35). Jeff Hibiki -Teaches the Art of Anything-Goes Chi Mastering

36). Ranma X - Master of the Kasumi Tendo and Nodoka Saotome School of Martial Arts Housekeeping

37). Dragonkin - Teacher of the Art of Wandering Eternally Without Finding The Way and the Art of Producing Weaponry From Any Sleeve, No Matter How Long

38). Kayono Mew - Teacher of the Not-So-Forbidden Art of the Mallet

39). Mu Tzu - Master of Anything-Goes Amazon Pursuit and Seduction

40). QuestionMark - Practitioner of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Juggling

41). Kikaidakiller - Sensei of Anything Goes Veritech Martial Arts

42). ran-ran (dratinigirl) - Sensei of Anything-Goes Whacking-With-A-Chinese-Fan Martial Arts

43). Jen Green - Teaches the Hockey-stick Balance Beam While Kicking Technique

44). Suzuki Saotome - Master of the 'Looking Kawaii Then Suckerpunching' Branch of Anything-Goes

45). Mara Jade - Mistress of the Anything Goes Martial Arts School for Cats and Cute Little Pigs

46). Gekido Kyouteki - Master of Anything Goes Martial Arts Taxidermy

47). Miokou - Master of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Miming

48). Ranmakun2000 - Master of Anything Goes Martial Arts Using A Bokken To Cut Down Trees

49). Cute Nose - Mistress of Kleptomania of Spoons

50). The Mysterious Man (Olive Saotome) - Master of Taking the Pose and Getting Your Fingers In the Good Way When You're Surprised Anything-Goes Martial Art

51). My Love (K-chan) - Mistress of Watching Monkeys Screw on PBS and Learning Then Teaching New Sexual Positions

52). Andry - Teaches the Art of Martial Arts Spellchecking

53). Trixcy Reya - Master of Anything Goes Martial Arts Shikyoku Illusion Technique

54). Lexxie Love - Mistress of Helping Anyone How To Speak Correctly To A Woman Anything Goes Martial Arts

55). Katie - Mistress of Ssopping At the Mall Anything-Goes Martial Arts

56). Jared Lemieux - Master of the Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Ancient Chainsaw Massage Accounting Techniques and Eating Beef

57). Lady Tyrsol - Teaches the School of Hidden Weapons Improvisation

58). Miyako Kobayashi - Master of Anything-Goes Sharp Pointy Object Combat Martial Arts

59). Shinji Ikari - Master of Anything-Goes Martial Art of Talking Annoying People and Eating As Much At Once As Possible

60). Himura Kenshin - Master of Getting Things Done in the Nick of Time Tenshin Amaguriken

61). Bryan - Master of Weaponry Improvisation

62). T.K. - Master of the Technique of the Cat-Fist

Want To Join?

If you wish to join the Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts, please e-mail me!

Just remember the one rule: this isn't a church or shrine, so no names like "Protector of so-and-so". To get an idea of what "art" you would like to "teach", look up at the members' titles. Remember, the more creative and unique your "art" is, the better!! Also, this is not a requirement, but it would be nice to be creative with your name/identifying factor, but if you like your online psudonym, then nevermind what I just said ^_^

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