The You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Rumiko Takahashi When List

This is the first and "official" You Know You've Been Reading Too much Rumiko Takahashi When list, made up and brainstormed by yours truely. I'm sure you've seen the Sailormoon and Ranma lists of the same genre. This basically follows the same general rules, but with a few exeptions.

It'll be from her manga work only, no anime references, since it's not canon. It's also has to be a basic generalization from all her work, but if I accept it, it _can_ be a reference to only two or three of her works (one only if it's a really good idea). I want it to be from any and ALL of her works, from Urusei Yatsura to the Mermaid Saga, from Masion Ikkoku to Inu-Yasha.

Please e-mail me any of your ideas, and I will gladly add them to the list if it fits ^_^. I want this list to grow and become of the longest lists on the web related to anime/manga stuff. So help, and contribute!

You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Rumiko Takahashi When....

- Whenever you think about your true love, you crash your head into things or you break walls.

- Your're afraid to look at other woman because you think your girlfriend would electricute you.

- You think everyone has multiple fiances.

- Every relationship you try to start always turns into one or more love triangles.

- When you hear sounds in your wall, you persume its your neighboor instead of mice or termites.

- Your fiance hits you with any inanimate (or in some cases, animate) object if you do something to annoy her.

- The only way you can express your true feelings is by insulting your loved one.

- You get jealous at almost anything the person you like does or anyone she/he is even remotely friends with someone of the opposite sex.

- You think, no, you _know_ it's possible to travel to another time either by an accident caused by someone you know/are fianced to, or through an ancient well.

- You search the seven seas looking for mermaids

- You actually find one and try to take a piece of it's flesh so you can live forever.

- You either hate your parents for making you have a fiance, or your parents are ashamed that you are even their kid.

- You start to think its weird that most old people aren't incredibly short.

- You think panty theives are normal.

- Your fiance's cooking will either kill you or turn you into something non-human.

- You think dating a nun will help you lose weight.

I would like to thank Shadow6865 for some of the contributions. If you have any, please e-mail me. I would love some Mermaid Saga, Rumik World, and One-Pound Gospel ones, since I don't really know anything about those. Thanks!

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